What could you do with $227,325+ hard
dollars of “FREE” operating capital?

We’ve all heard it before “I can save you money!”  And if you’re like most people, skepticism kicks in instantly. “Been there, done that” runs through your mind as you are reminded of all the times similar claims haven’t panned out.

Since 2005 my company has recovered hard budget dollars for clients even when they “know” it’s not possible.  For Fortune 500 companies like Ball Corporation, Newmont Mining and Clear Channel Communications (now iHeartMedia). And for companies like 1stBank, RE/MAX Alliance, Saddle Creek Logistics Services and ARCADIS US. All leaders in their respective industries.

So consistent are their results that we GUARANTEE our target sized clients will have hard dollar recovery of at least a $227,325.

After being asked numerous times “how’s that possible”, I realized the complete answer was not a 20-second “sound bite”.  I felt the best way to respond to this question and skepticism was to write and publish the book Slash Your Operating Budget.

It provides vendor insider insights from personal experience that explain in detail why it’s possible (and 89% likely) that you have at least $227,325 hard budget dollars (and that’s from just one expense category) that can be recovered and redeployed as operating capital.

It’s not their fault. The training and experience described in Chapter One is the only way your team could conceivably have the expertise to maximize vendor value for each expense category within your operating budget.

Explained is a system that shows how you can leverage “Expense Category Experts” for FREE to analyze specific important/large budget categories (both cost and vendor support commitments) without any out-of-pocket costs.

The system was specifically designed to eliminate the risk of wasting either your time (including your staff’s) or money.

It’s like having a top medical specialist on call that GUARANTEES your results upfront. 

Imagine getting results like this:

“It seems that your initial claim of using “insider” industry experience to deliver significant hard dollar savings while simultaneously enhancing the service performance of our chosen vendor is correct.” – Donald L. Thuente, Senior Vice President and Treasurer of 1stBank Holding Company ($13 billion in assets and over 115 locations)

If freeing up precious operating capital is important to you, or worst case, confirming (for FREE) that your operating budget is running as lean as possible …just fill in the form below to receive your complimentary copy of Slash Your Operating Budget.

You’ll discover budget slashing secrets that your vendors don’t want you to know!

What will you do with your FREE operating capital??


Dedicated to your operating budget’s efficiency,

David Cantliffe                                                                                                                                                       Expense Category Expert and author of Slash Your Operating Budget 


P.S. This concise guide reveals why you have an 89% chance of recovering at least $227,325 hard dollars of operating capital that’s being wasted right now.

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P.P.P.S. If your company is not between $100 million and $5 billion in annual revenue and you’ve found this web page, you can get your copy of Slash Your Operating Budget from The described system works the same…it’s just the “Savings Commitment” and “Project Savings Guarantee” are calculated and offered to companies of the revenue size just mentioned.   We’re happy to answer any questions e-mailed to

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